Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Wild Things

How's this for a big call? In my first day of my new job I'm asked to do a screen shot concept sketch for a game based on the classic Maurice Sendak book "Where the Wild Things Are". It was a bit daunting, I remember this book from I was a kid - it was always out at the library. I've been familiar with his work on this and several other books, but never been one to study him rigourously so I was quite pleasantly surprised at how nice it was to draw in his style - not that I should have been. This was also my first major shot at colouring something up in Photoshop too. The linework was done pencil on paper and then scanned in.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Weary Donkey

A little while ago, a friend asked me to draw this picture of a donkey for a script pitch he and his wife were working on. Whilst he is an animator, he freely admitted to not being able to draw a horse and thought of me (which brings up another point - that us artists and possibly in particular animators were the people our friends used to turn to when we were kids to draw to back end of a horse). He had to look tired and a bit beaten up, but sympathetic too. In typical fashion, they wanted it in about a days turnaround, and they wanted it to look like a turn of the (19th) Century illustration and I immediately thought of T.S. Sullivant. Funnily enough I didn't even think to look at the Donkey out of Shrek for reference, but after a couple of quick roughs and emails back and forth this is what I came up with. It was suprisingly difficult to find a Sullivant picture of a horse - loads of hippo's. This Zebra was my closest bet.
This horse was hiding from me.
These guys helped with the look of the line style.