Friday, August 11, 2006

Back to the drawing board

Well, kind of anyway. After finishing with Disney and moving down to Melbourne, I've gotten myself a job working on a Flash animated show. It's a kids sci-fi comedy series called "Dogstar". It's set in the future when the population of planet earth has to relocate to a cleaner planet because this one's so polluted and mid transit the ark ship carrying all the dogs - the "Dogstar" gets lost. The series follows the advetures of the lost dogstar, the family of kids trying to find it and the greedy, robot dog-making, corporate mogul trying to stop them.

Moving in Day

We nearly thought this day would never get here. Although there is still a few bits and pieces left to do, the house had gotten to a ready to move in state - especially from the bomb site it was weeks earlier. The walls, skirtings and architraves were all freshly painted in a cosy new colour scheme, fresh new carpet had been laid. Finally we got our stuff out of storage.
The view down the passage into one of the bedrooms with it's terracotta coloured feature wall.
The lounge room filled with stuff. The feature wall here on the right is in the suede finish paint.
The living room. My God we had a lot of boxes!

More Renovating

No wonder I hadn't posted anything for a while. Every waking moment was being spent at the house working like a mad bugger.

Here's the new jarrah floorboards getting laid. As I mentioned earlier it was easier and more practical to cut out the existing chipboard flooring and partial hardwood flooring and lay new boards on the existing bearers, rather than a floating floor which has the potential to lift. We left the slate flooring in the kitchen.
The slate on the front porch was a dull and dreary grey colour and had lifted in a number of places and come off and was looking rather shabby, here we've removed the rest of it.
And retiled with new tiles.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Busy, busy, busy

We did get quite a bit done. Although the bathroom was renovated a couple of years ago, it was missing a bath. Given the squarish shape of the bathroom, a regular length bath wouldn't fit unless the shower went over the top - and I hate that. So we had to settle for a corner spa bath. Bugger. We splurged and got a body therapy one with heaps of jets and lotsa bubbles. The vanity used to be where the spa now is, so it had to get shifted. The heating duct had to get moved too. The loo is in the corner next to the vanity.
The open-plan living room. We pulled the carpet up here too. As most of this space was an extension. The flooring here changes from the original floorboards to chipboard. The slate in the Kitchen is staying.
Opposite view of Living room and the lovely Tasmanian blackwood kitchen. Instead of new carpet here, we opted for new floorboards. With a little one, spills would be inevitable and we figured floorboards are easier to keep clean. It was also going to be easier for us to rip up this flooring and lay new boards against a floating floor.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006


Oops, it's been a few months - lotsa stuff been happening.
Well, I'm no longer employed by Uncle Walt anymore, as are about 250 other people with the shut down of the Australian studio. With my Wife and Daughter, we decided to relocate back to Melbourne. As we have a house there that we rent out, it made sense to reclaim it; plus there would also be less competition for work - well, I wouldn't be competing with 40 odd other animators up in Sydney. Before starting work tho' we got busy with some post-tenant renovations.
So this is what we've been up to for the past couple of months.

Ripping up the existing carpet. Main bedroom. Carpet up, wardrobe doors removed, skirting boards and architraves removed, new internal doors hung.
Lounge room (same as first). Wow, look at all that dust. Lots of sanding to prepare for new colour scheme.Spare bedroom. Site of more sanding carnage. That's the bathroom vanity sitting in the middle of the floor.