Monday, March 26, 2007


One of the great things about digital cameras is that you can now take photos of anything and not have to be worried about film processing and printing costs - you can take photos solely for curiosity's sake.
Once before, I had seen this old trestle rail bridge and was fascinated by its visual image in this green paddock. It just sits there spanning this great section of low pasture near Orbost looking very cool. I had to get a photo. I'm not sure whether it's the architectural fascination in me or that it just calls to the artist in me. I think as artists we're attracted to things with great design. I have a painting that features some typography on a wall in Spain, and the pull of that image too is strong. I'm gonna finish now before I start sounding like a wanker.

Merimbula holiday

A couple of weeks ago we had a weeks holiday to Merimbula on the NSW southern coast. We went with three other groups of friends and their kids as well. Despite the fact that I had been off work for a while it was a nice chance to get away and have a bit of a holiday. It was a lovely week and the weather was great, not to hot. The most suprising thing for us living in drought ravaged Melbourne was the green countryside - we'd almost forgotten what it looked like and were tempted to dig up a patch and bring back with us.
The warm weather gave us plenty of good opportunites to go swimming. Madi, doing very well with her swimming lessons was keen every chance she could get to head to the pool. This time she managed to drag Mummy in. With her floaty ring, her confidence has grown enormously. She's quite happy now to go it alone and doesn't require Mummy or Daddy to hold on.
We also discovered on another day out that we have a budding golfer. She was quite taken with the mini golf and on this particular day wanted more return trips. Later on other days, any time she saw that giveaway giant golf ball, she wanted to have a go.
Picnic on the beach, enjoying running in the water. Lots of big splashes!!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

I've had a bit of a headache

Sorry for the absenteeism but I'm back now. About six months ago I was diagnosed with a brain tumour. It was on my Pituitary gland to be specific. Well I had surgery, and the wonderful doctors pulled this large growth about the size of a golf ball out thru my nose (I don't think it was quite Arnie style a la "Total Recall"). After a substantial period of recovery, and some wonderful extra time spent with my family, I'm back up on my feet. Well, I have been for a little while now, but just slack getting back to my blog. But, I will endeavour to post more.
Work finished up on "Dogstar" barely before I was able to return to work, and I then spent the glorious job hunting period of pre- and post-Christmas looking for work before landing myself a job at a computer game company.
Thanks to Aaron Davies for his above sympathies.