Friday, September 28, 2012


a slight variation on the pin-up theme...

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Drawing Talk

A few weeks ago, I was asked by my daughter's teacher to give a talk to the class on drawing. My daughter had taken in some of my drawings for something and the subject was raised.
What to say, I thought...
Well, apart from the obvious "yes" I worked something out and organised a time to go in.
It's not something I'd done before- I was a little nervous being put on display in front of a group of Grade 2 students.
I gave a little bit of background on myself and explained that I had a job drawing pictures, that when I was growing up my Dad worked in a bank and that I didn't know people could have a job drawing pictures. I said how I'd worked on a bunch of TV series and movies and showed the covers of some of the Disney movies that I'd worked on. There were raises of hands from those who'd seen particular ones. I then explained a little bit about animation, how it takes 24 drawing to make one second of animation and that in a week you might only make seven seconds of animation. I explained how it took lots of people to make an animated movie and that many of us have to draw the same character and that to draw these characters they are all built up from simple shapes and construction.
From there I then launched into some demos and drew Mickey Mouse and some other Disney characters that I could remember drawing. It was great fun watching and listening to their reactions as I stepped through the process.
The class were all then handed drawing boards, sheets of paper and a pencil and joined in, creating their own Mickey Mouse pictures which have ended up proudly hung around the classroom.
The positive reaction from all of the class was great, the eagerness that they watched with, some great questions. It was loads of fun.