Friday, December 04, 2009

Endangered Species?

There's moments in time that cause you to look at the situation going on around you and react in some manner. Be it hunker down and try and ride out the storm, jump on the next boat sailing past or try and find a new boat to set sail on. Either way you find yourself evaluating what you've done, what you're doing and where you want to go; and probably most importantly of all, who'll have you. Yes, a traditional guy like myself can feel like a dinosaur.
One of these moments happened about six weeks ago. The company I was working for let go of most of the staff without much notice at all. Well, I was actually leaving for the day when it happened. I can't exactly say I couldn't see it happening, the storm clouds had been brewing for a while, but a regular paycheque is not something I'm going to knock back so I'd been modestly content to keep working in spite of the unravelling situation.
Who's to blame? I think that there's many factors at work, but my thoughts are apparently liable to get me sued for defamation. Which is unfortunate for all the staff that have been stood down especially leading up to Christmas.
The situation leaves a lot of people scrambling around looking for scraps of work.
It's also a good opportunity to draw another Dinosaur doing something silly.