Tuesday, October 21, 2008

"Lucy" animation

Here's some animation drawings from a short film I worked on late last year/early this year called "Lucy wants to kill herself". No surprises there as to what the story was about huh? Not exactly my "cup-of-tea" so to speak but it was nice to get back to the animation desk after an absence of about 18 months, to flip and roll the drawings. The only thing was, in most of the scenes I had she was either depressed or dying. A friend commented a bit sarcastically, after seeing all my finished scenes "Gee, you must've been fun to live with".
In this scene, she's at the launch of her book doing signings, and after hours of sitting there with no takers, her only customer here handing over a copy of her book is her Mum.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Mel and Kochie

I entered a caricature competition several weeks ago. The winner is announced this Friday. Here is my entry in both inked form and coloured.
The subject matter was pretty open- it just had to be a famous person, living or dead, Australian or international. I ended up settling for popular breakfast show hosts David Koch and Melissa Doyle

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Game character stuff

Here's my last word on the "Space Chimps" game. These were some animated gif's I created early on in the piece, even before we had seen any animation from the Studio in Vancouver. These were solely based on some concept art that we had received at the start of the production and based on what I had read of the characters personalities from the script. They were a fun little chance to do a bit of animation before anything was done with a 3D model. Essentially templates for standard gaits of the characters that would appear in the game.

Character- Ham walking

Character - Luna walking

2nd version of Luna walking
Character - Titan walking Ham runningHam- branch walkingHam- Branch runningThis was a bit of set dressing for the Temple level of the game. I model up some alien heiroglyphics to be scattered throughout the level and then a prophecy piece as a bit of an in-joke that foretold the story and the space chimps arrival.