Wednesday, June 27, 2007

More Monkeys

Here's some more concept work, primarily done for the game brief (pretty-ing up a wordy document with pictures). It looks like I've gotten a bit better with photoshop, but I'm still an amateur compared to some (then again, I've never had to use colour so much in my working life before either).
This first one was part of a flow diagram and was actually drawn completely in photoshop with a wacom tablet. I found it pretty good, especially being able to zoom in on your drawing. The only downfall was when drawing against the curve of your hand or trying for a staright line. I'll be putting that cintiq on my wishlist. This one and the following one were drawn as I have been preferring to do it, pencil on paper and then coloured in photoshop with the wacom. I liked getting the light effect in both of these pictures. It was with these two pictures that brought the "ooh's " and "ahh's" that seemed to indicate my improvement with photoshop.

Friday, June 22, 2007


According to Amy Mebberson, I'm a chicken nut. Well, I'll have her convinced I'm monkey mad soon. Here's a couple of photoshop-coloured up sketches I did for the game brief that I'm working on. This was still early photoshop days for me, so be kind.
I know this first one is the dreaded "Tude" pose, but my hand was forced. I didn't want to do it, but when your charcter is a wise-cracking, smart-arse what can you do. This guy is the older father figure, who's trying to bring him into line.
A computer game with monkeys, what could be more fun?

Pet project character

Here's the main character for my pet project. These were quick clean up drawings that I did from an animation test I did for it a little while back (well, if you ask my old man it was ages ago). They'll need a bit of a rework with a fresh hand but I'm pretty happy with how he looks. Doing the test animation a great way to test the design of a character, you really get to see if the basic shapes of the character work together, hold together after a number of drawings and move in space well. I've never actually animated a character with a moustache before. I figured it would be a bit of fun, especially a bushy one to manipulate with the mouth shapes.
I've got the short film fund info night on Monday, hopefully I'll get to hear what I need. Submissions are due in September.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Pet Project

Here's a couple of Key layouts my little short film project. establishing the setting for a couple of locations. The top one actually has another half to it, to the left, but I neglected to fuss about scanning it and stitching it together. Like all of us who have our little pet projects, I've been kicking this one over for a few years. My father lately has been giving me a prod to get it done- talk about pressure.
I am looking into applying for a film grant, cos I would like to finish it, so we may see this turn into a production blog in the future.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Alien Designs

These guys were for an alien desert bandit concept as part of early development for a game that I'm working on. I tried a couple of variations on the standard alien concept that we were working with and a couple of new variations.

I was reading a book on the great pyramid at the time so I think the arabic influenced dress came into it from there. I also have a fondness for Mayan architecture and that tends to creep in wherever I let it.