Friday, June 22, 2007


According to Amy Mebberson, I'm a chicken nut. Well, I'll have her convinced I'm monkey mad soon. Here's a couple of photoshop-coloured up sketches I did for the game brief that I'm working on. This was still early photoshop days for me, so be kind.
I know this first one is the dreaded "Tude" pose, but my hand was forced. I didn't want to do it, but when your charcter is a wise-cracking, smart-arse what can you do. This guy is the older father figure, who's trying to bring him into line.
A computer game with monkeys, what could be more fun?


David N said...

I like 'em .

(heh-heh, JohnK has us all scared of doing the dreaded "tude" poses , rightly so , I guess. Anyway, that made me laugh)

Richard said...

Thanks David. Yeah, you're right, John's got us all paranoid but someone's gotta keep us on our toes.

Amy said...


'Chicken' still sounds better ;)

I hate 'tude' poses as much as the next person, but John K doesn't scare me. ;p