Friday, August 10, 2007


Wow, that was quite an effort. I've been storyboarding on a new animated TV series, as well as doing my day job at the games company and feeling the strain of doing two jobs. I'm obviously not as young as I used to be, and the full days and long nights spent at the computer and drawing desk without much of a break were starting to build up on me- that must be what burnout feels like. I'd said yes to the storyboarding work months ago, before I started at the games company, and due to production delays it was put off and off. Finally it came about and they said do you still want to do it, sure I said, bit of extra cash will come in handy. Hah hah hah. My wife was starting to think I was a stranger, and my daughter was learning what "daddy going to work" meant and not liking it. It's a strange circumstance pushing yourself to meet a deadline and having a three year old pulling at your arm and wanting you to play with her.
I'm having a rest now, for a couple of weeks. Gotta tend to some other stuff- baby due in ten weeks. I've dug myself a good hole though, the company I've done the boards for love my work and want me to do two more. I did the last one digitally and whilst there was some initial teething problems it worked out quite well and should make the next couple of boards pass through with less stress. Thanks David and Toby for your advice on digital drawing programs.
Here's some more work from "the game", something different at first- a prop, which was a nice change from all of the character work.


Tobias Schwarz said...

Hi Rich,what did you end up using?

Richard said...

Hey Tob,
Given that I had a fairly tight deadline and I was having trouble getting a copy of Sketchbook pro, I stuck with the devil that I knew- photoshop.
I've had a play with the trial version of sketchbook, very nice, the pencil tools are great. If photoshop added those to it's package it'd be about perfect.