Thursday, January 24, 2008

Train people

Here's some sketches from the train trip home yesterday evening of unsuspecting passengers done with a fineliner pen. It was a bit of fun trying to pick interesting people to draw, the carriage wasn't overly full, so all people were seated, and I'd been hoping to draw someone standing in one of those various train-ride standing poses where they're trying to maintain their balance and either read or pass the boredom of the trip.

The funny thing about doing these sketches on this ride was that the fat guy I drew first in the top pic was deserted by his traveling companion halfway through the trip, and as he wasn't sitting far in front of me, must've figured out what I was doing and started watching me scope out the passengers and draw them. He kept trying to make eye contact with me, perhaps to get some sign of acknowledgement.

1 comment:

Maarten Rijs said...

great to see some life sketches! they are super, i love your use of thick and thin lines.
peoples reactions when sketching are funny sometimes haha.

awesome charicature of the party dude.

thanks for the comment.