Thursday, June 30, 2011

Wonder Woman Pin-up

At last, she's finished.
This piece was going to be for a fanboy exhibition with a comic book theme. Unfortunately from when I heard about the upcoming exhibition to the submission date, I only had a couple of weeks and with fulltime and freelance work, this one fell to the backburner. But I wanted to finish it anyway, so it became a not-so little lunchtime activity.
With the comic theme I thought rather than do an almost literal fan image of a comic book character, I'd give it a bit of a twist and do Wonder Woman in a pin-up style.
This was also an opportunity to try a different technique with rendering in photoshop.
As this was going to be a piece in an exhibition I was going to have a high-res print done on fine art stock. However, if there is sufficient interest from this post I will do a limited run of 16 x 12 prints on the same fine art stock (sans watermark).
Hope you like...


UM said...

Nice cheeks! What a shame the piece didn't make the exhibition...

Richard said...

Thanks Uli!
She may yet get to show her cheeks in another exhibition. Fingers crossed.