Monday, September 05, 2011

Santa's Apprentice

I've just learned that the last animated production I worked on, the Feature film "Santa's Apprentice" has finally announced a release date- November 10, 2011.
I worked on this film as an Animator in Late 2009, early 2010 with a bunch of ex-Disney work-mates and it's great to see our work finally hit cinema screens.
The film came out last Christmas as a French language release (as it was a French co-production) and faired quite well from all reports.
Also, at the Annecy animation festival in France this year, the film won the special UNICEF award.
More about the film here
Check out the teaser trailer here-

I'll discuss it some more shortly...


Chris Kennett said...

I love the look of this, the animation looks awesome!

Editor said...

This is cool, it must be awesome to know that something you contributed to is going onto the big screen! I like your blog by the way!