Saturday, June 09, 2012

Fanboy: Goodies and Baddies

Okay, so after all the last minute panic my Art Prints have been received, framed and dropped off at the Gallery.
As I've alluded to previously, Artboy Gallery in Prahran, Melbourne has had a series of Fanboy Exhibitions in which Artists are invited to submit pieces based on a theme. I've not managed to finish my pieces by the deadline in the past due to one reason or another, and after the last one promised myself to start earlier. The current theme is "Goodies and Baddies" and I managed to finish not one but two pieces.
The exhibition opens this coming Friday June 15 at 6pm.
Here's a peek of my two pieces...

I've also got something extra which I haven't done before- a screen capture as I was working digitally. It's probably a bit like a magician revealing his secret but anyway... My initial pencil sketches were scanned in and then I worked over them digitally. There's a couple of breaks in the video as I was working on two computers and didn't have the capture software on one of the computers. But it gives you an idea of it all coming together captured at one frame per second.


Boston's Finest said...

Wow these came out great!! How long have you been doing drawings such as these?

Richard said...

Thanks. I've been doing them for a couple of years now. Not as many as I would tho'