Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Critter Concepts

Very tired and busy at the moment with some freelance storyboard work as well as my day job.
Here's a couple of critters I've designed for "the game".

More thoughts later....



This game looks awesome is going to be an adventure game because i like them the best.

could you post some more info on it i'm really interested

MARV said...

yo Rich! the stuff!...dude, I'm feelin' ya...gimme a pencil any day!

Richard said...

Thanks guys. Can't say too much about the game at the moment- top secret stuff. There's some work I'd love to show but can't 'cos it'd show the license's characters even tho' they are my variations of it. Later....I promise.
Yes, Marv- that bit of charcoal wrapped in a twig rocks.