Monday, September 03, 2007

Caricatures pt 3

As mentioned in the last post, here is the caricature of me at work by the great Andries Maritz, former Disney colleague and master caricaturist. You can also check out his recently discovered blog here, which has more recent work. Actually, I'm surprised I haven't been drawn with the animator's hunch here.

Okay, back to what got me started on this whole caricature topic. Up in Sydney a few years ago we moved house and were going to send out change of addresses to everyone when I had the brainwave of "why not make a personal one and include a caricature of ourselves". This pic below is from when we moved back to Melbourne, but everyone loved the earlier one I did, and it seems to have become a popular request when someone else is moving house. I tried to keep them fairly simple without a lot of detail 'cos they were going to be included with some text on an A5 sheet (about 210mm by 150mm).
This one and the one further below were drawn with black biro and coloured with colour pencil. I've used black biro for quite a while as my choice of tool for inking in, as I can get a lot more subtlety out of it than a felt tip pen. I found that the felt tip pen has a bit of bleed and it won't feather-off particularly well. The Black biro has a cleaner line that doesn't bleed (but can smudge unfortunately), plus I can get some lighter variation with it for grey tones that I may be after.Here's my Brother-in-law and his girlfriend from when they moved into their new house. As you can probably see, I find women (and particularly young ones) hard to draw. There was something I didn't quite get.
And here's a later photo of the real couple for comparison.
More to come...
I'll probably do two more posts on this topics with some work of others I've worked with.

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