Monday, September 10, 2007

Caricatures pt 4

This one was a tough assignment. My parents asked me to do a caricature of them as they had recently moved house, and after seeing the change of address forms that I had done previously, they wanted something similar. I thought "oh my gawd!", I was as nervous as hell. It was like having the most brutal critic in the world, say "okay, produce something for me". The pressure was on. I don't think I'd actually drawn a picture of them before. They had been at their last address for 15 years, and the previous one before that (just down the road), for about 20, so had accumulated a lot of stuff, despite all us kids having moved out. Some of us had left assortments of stuff behind, but nonetheless, they had a lot of boxes to move which started to become a source of friction.
Here's my crack at having some fun with the situation.

Here's the real Mum and Dad.

I think I got Mum pretty well, but Dad was off a little bit- I think I made him too skinny. Then again, my wife thinks my Dad is the more accurate one. Regardless, they were happy with the job.

Not long after doing this pic for Mum and dad, I had the opportunity to do a "live" caricature. We'd gone away for the weekend and staying with us was my wifes auntie and a friend of her who made these cute copperwire bugs. I'd taken down some of the storyboarding I was doing to do in the evenings (yeah, work, work, work) and this friend asked if I'd draw a picture of one of her bugs. I figured that was rather boring and decided to do a caricature of her instead. Unbeknown to her and everyone else in the room except Nik, I discreetly studied and knocked out a caricature while she was busy working on one of these bugs. They all figured I was working. It proved very entertaining when I presented the finished picture (unfortunately I didn't get a copy of it). It had been a while since I had done one with the subject in front of me, but it was great fun, and with the model in front of you, you can explore different angles, and see different expressions to figure out the best result.

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