Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Drawing Princesses

You would think as an Animator (or an artist of any type for that matter) that being able to draw compentantly would be a great buzz for your kids- that you could draw anything they ask of you. Even though I've been drawing rapid fire Thomas the tank engines and Dorothy the dinosaurs on my daughters "MagnaDoodle" for a while now and keeping her quite content with those, I learnt the hard way tonight, that such is not necessarily the case. My (almost) three year old daughter is mad over prinesses at the moment, especially the Disney ones. Mummy bravely attempted one this afternoon (which she wants buried forever) and right before bedtime, Madi asked if I could draw her a princess. Sitting next to her on her bed with pad and pencil in hand I asked "who would you like me to draw?", "Cinderelly" she replied. "Ha" Mummy laughed- if only Madi was about 18 months older, she would have been in her element as I was animated Cinderella herself on our last Picture "Cinderella 3" at Disney Sydney before it shut down. I quickly drew down a few lines (not the one pictured below) and well..... Madi went all quiet, wouldn't look at the picture and snuggled into Mummy very upset and "shy". I don't think she was expecting it to actually look like Cinderella, and was taken aback. It was a bit funny and sad at the same time.
Mummy was proud of her effort- "at least I didn't make her cry"


Tobias Schwarz said...

Hi Rich, this is actually a comment on your last post. I found an animation test based on "Where the Wild things Are" by John Lasseter/ Glen Keane back from 1982...on youtube: Thanks to whoever posted this!

Ethan said...

Nice work. I am not a cartoonist, more realist, impressionist, still life, landscape, but every once in a while do a cartoon like image for something. I remember getting started on Bart Simpson and some others as a kid.

Also, you have a typo in the "Drawing Prin(C)esses" category.