Monday, May 28, 2007

Old Stuff

Dusting out the attic.... No, not really. Just some personal stuff to show a couple of examples of my own handiwork I s'pose. This chicken was for a western I was trying to develop. I wanted to play with the idea of a chicken as the hero. It took a while to arrive at this design and I like it, I was just not that confident in my own ability as a writer. One day. This critter was a miscellaneous design for something and was never used. Well, he was actually, but the whole sequence in which he appeared was cut. He was fun to design and animate, and I think shows my fondness for the Warners type characters.
This dog was created to be a new logo for the "Working Dog" company just before they were about to release "The Dish". They ended up going for a more realistic blue heeler, which again I animated and they decided against using. They wanted a real dog to do a pile of stuff you probably couldn't get it to do in 15 seconds.

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Amy said...

Richard, ya bastard!

I just checked my comments and found you, how are ya?? ^_^

Drawing in Melbourne, obviously...