Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Kris Kringle 2

Here we go, "Live caricature" process...
This is probably also a perfect supplement to my earlier discussions on caricatures.
This is the view I have of Peter Wake from my desk. Not a whole lot to go on, and I don't usually do caricatures in profile. But the info is there at least. I've got to try and snatch looks of him now without giving away what I'm up to. At least with someone you know, you've got an excuse for looking at them, I've got to try and be subtle here, and not give him the impression I'm some sort of weirdo. At least he's in reasonable proximity and I can pretend I'm looking out the window that he sits next to. Exploring some of his features here and trying to catch that "first impression" that you get from looking at him. Also trying to work out what sort of pose I'm going to draw him in. Even tho' he wears glasses and I usually do the cheat with glasses of drawing the frame and whacking dots for pupils in them, he's got these great droopy eyes with bags under them that are just begging to be drawn. He sits right up against his desk slouching back in his chair, and has his monitor up really close; I doubt there's 30cm between the end of his nose and the monitor.
He was looking in my direction at one point having a conversation with someone else, and that was a great opportunity to capture something of the rest of his face from a different angle.

He also does this thing where he leans back in his chair and places his hands on or just behind his head. Having a play with this for a pose, and exploring the 3/4 angle.Nah, profile shows of the closeness of the monitor more than I could get with a 3/4 pose. The arms up also obscure his head a bit too much too.
I feel a bit creepy spending this much time looking at another man and analysing his features.
More to follow...

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Maarten Rijs said...

very cool, its great to see the process.