Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Kris Kringle 5

Sorry for the delay, had work to do (shock, horror) and my wife's birthday.
Here we go, the inked in version on the final textured stock.It felt a bit funny putting down the inkwork after working on the pencil composition for so long. It's never been my favourite stage, I feel you can kinda "deaden" a drawing and lose some of that weight that pencilwork can get. Usually my preferred medium for inking in has been a black ball point pen. I've used this for a number of years when inking because I've been able to get some nice variation with line weight out of it. It's not particularly black tho' and I was after a darker line. I'll have to try out a brush marker in the future to get some nice thick and thin in my linework.
Now to colour....

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