Thursday, December 13, 2007

Kris Kringle 3

A bit more playing about here, trying to nail some of his features. There's something quite distinct about his upper lip and his chin under than goatee.

This is a first rough of the pose and composition I'm thinking of for the final piece. I've kept it deliberately rough, so that I'm looking primarily at the shapes and composition and not being seduced by sexy linework(By sexy linework, I mean a really nice appealing stroke or line that may actually be wrong but just looks nice and therefore restricts you from changing it).

There's a few little things here that I'm not happy with, so on a separate sheet of paper, working over the top of this drawing, I will now work at exploring what looks best and what I can improve.

First up, his head- here I'm going to play with pushing the shapes around a bit and seeing what I can exaggerate without straying too far from him being recognisable. As he doesn't appear to be a personality type person, I'm trying hard to nail the visual "look" of him, and the more things I get accurate the better.

I wanted to fill out the back of his head a bit more, and have played around with his chin a bit trying to capture the essence of that, and also accentuating his forehead.

I think with a profile (which I haven't done before as a caricature) you really need to capture the "essence" of the shape that their profile makes. My thoughts with regards to caricatures in general are that you need to capture the shape of the persons head, and then make that triangle that encompasses their eyes, nose and mouth as recognisable as possible as it is those features especially in that small area that we all instinctively recognise- that's what we look at when we talk to a person.

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