Tuesday, March 18, 2008


The idea for this post came about with gathering all my stuff of my computer at the games company. I was having to make sure my work was accessable for everyone else once I'd finished and so, after dumping all of that onto the server, I also dumped a bunch of stuff I'd collected as reference whilst there, for those who it might be useful. A friend of mine who'd started there a few weeks beforehand, was having a look through it and commented on the diversity that was there.

So, this is by no means my be-all-and-end-all list of influences, just some stuff that I'd compiled in the time I was employed there, or brought in from what I had at home and thought relevant. I'm certainly not one who has a list of certain artists that are their inspiration that they can run off by rote.

Most of these are somewhat animation relevant, and that's generally how I've come across them. There are certainly varying styles, but all of their work is solid and well-structured and has a certain "Appeal". I like lots of things, and for varieties of reasons, but it is generally the presence of these solid drawing skills and draftmanship that I look for and am attracted to.

Here's at least some of the list...
Claire Wendling
Walt Kelly
Frank Frazetta

Arthur de Pins
Chris Battle
Chris Sanders
Dean Yeagle
Shane Glines
Ooh, the Pin-up Girlies show up a bit there don't they?
There are also many animation artists whose particular style of drawing which is evident in their rough drawings that I admire, but I'll save that for another day...

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