Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Train Table

Over our Labour Day holiday weekend a couple of weeks ago I took on a little project in spite of the stinking heatwave Melbourne was suffering through. I'd promised Madi a while back that I'd make her a table for her "Thomas the Tank Engine" trains and track, and with the freelance work finally out of the way, I had some free time.
The ready made tables were a bit small for my liking, and although she'd been having fun (and me too) spreading out the track over the lounge-room floor, she was a bit frustrated with not being able to get around it properly and upsetting the track with having to clamber over it. She really needed a table top to set it up on, and so I figured I'd make a big one with collapsible legs which could also be stowed under her bed when not in use.
So, after a trip to Bunnings for supplies and a busy day and a bit sawing, hammering and drilling outside(and forgetting to take progress shots), I moved it inside to proceed in air-conditioned comfort on the painting...
All finished with the legs folded under and on castors.
Legs up.
Ready for play with a very happy little girl.


KnittingPam said...

This is exactly the project my husband is looking to take-on for our 2 little ones for Christmas. I don't suppose you have an y written instructions, plans, words of advice, etc. you could share to simplify this for him? I particularly like your paint job. Well done, Dad!

Richard said...

Thanks for the comment Pam.
I didn't make up any plans for it as such, just measured the bed it was going under and bought a couple of pre-cut sheets of masonite that would fit and some pine lengths to frame it.
I did change the legs later to two tressle legs as the hinged legs weren't sturdy enough. The paint job was my own invention with some sample paint pots.
You can find a link to email me in my profile if you'd like some more specific information.