Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Pathetic really...

I know, I know. I start a new job and forget everything.
Well, I'm back into 2D animation and loving it. Currently working on designs for a new TV series and then into storyboards. I'm having lots of fun drawing corrigated iron, tin sheds, blue singlets and blundstones. Generally trying to draw somewhat like Ken Maynard.
This isn't exactly what I'm drawing but will give you a general idea of the look. Maybe as we get into it more I'll post up some work.

I also don't have a scanner currently hooked up to my computer at work yet, and haven't had time at home to scan anything. Excuses, excuses.

As for the forgotten week and the caricature answers...

Sexy was Jessica Biel

Player was Ronn Moss

and Different Sexy was Eva Mendes

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